Rev Cycle Efficiency – Why Staff Productivity Matters

Measuring staff productivity used to be as simple as the number of claims filed, or the number of lines of data entered. Not so anymore – the revenue cycle is more complex than ever, requiring innovative measures and tools to measure efficiency. The pandemic led many organizations to transition as many staff as possible to […]

Remote RCM Work: Breaking Down Barriers

  In our previous blog, we detailed why remote RCM positions make sense, both financially and for practical reasons. Now learn how to remove the invisible barriers to make it happen for your company. Changing Work Climate Two major developments in the industry have permanently changed the way revenue cycle management (RCM) departments function. Technology […]

Why a Remote RCM Workforce Makes Sense

Remote workers are now an important part of the work landscape, and healthcare employers are now discovering the many benefits. A quick perusal of job sites such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Simply Hired shows thousands of openings in revenue cycle management, billing and coding, collections, and revenue cycle analysis for many types of healthcare […]

The Importance of Worker Productivity in RCM

One of the biggest challenges facing revenue cycle management today is the productivity of the workforce.  With the shift to remote and hybrid work environments over the past few years, it has become much harder to manage the day-to-day activities of a revenue cycle staff. Core functions like denials and cash collection used to be […]