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Workforce Management Solutions

Providing the tools and insights needed to drive staff performance optimizations.


Analytics dashboards and staff audit interface that delivers actionable insights

Reduce manager time spent manually pulling productivity reports

Improve staff adherence to operational processes, and identify training opps

Create enriched and dynamic view of staff-level productivity

Demand Workforce

Reduce your reliance on agency staffing with our mobile application that pushes newly opened shifts to existing staff pool, letting them pick up the shift in one click

Save time trying to fill shifts while increasing employee satisfaction and retention in the process

Spend more time solving problems that drive impact

Denials Flagger

Automated module that monitors denial inflow and alerts revenue cycle leaders to targeted populations of denials.

Decrease time spent analyzing data trying to find meaningful patterns

Centralize denial root cause reviews, results, and initiatives

Provide transparency into ROl for denial prevention projects

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