What Do Nurses Want (and Need)?

In the wake of some of the largest organized labor strikes in recent years, the nursing profession is struggling. What is needed to start down the road to improvement? More than 7,000 nurses in New York City walked off the job this month, with complaints that might surprise you. Pay was NOT at the forefront […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Remote RCM Staff Engaged

Many RCM staff are staying remote, but they are still an integral part of the team. Learn how to keep ALL staff engaged and moving towards revenue cycle goals. So, you have a remote or hybrid RCM workforce, which is great – but how do you keep everyone in the loop and driving towards the […]

Stop Pulling RCM Data from Multiple Sources

In spite of modern EHR technology, silos are still common, containing valuable information that is inaccessible to the rest of the healthcare organization. Learn how these silos can affect RCM activities and how to overcome them. What is Siloed Data? Simply put, it is data that doesn’t play well with others. It isn’t accessible across […]

Rev Cycle Efficiency – Why Staff Productivity Matters

Measuring staff productivity used to be as simple as the number of claims filed, or the number of lines of data entered. Not so anymore – the revenue cycle is more complex than ever, requiring innovative measures and tools to measure efficiency. The pandemic led many organizations to transition as many staff as possible to […]

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Monitor

Top five metrics for hospitals to monitor to improve cash flow. The Healthcare Financial Management Association recommends 29 strategic-level metrics for long-term trending and general oversight. These are known as MAP Keys or KPIs, and they are lumped into three categories – accuracy, productivity, and reconciliation. The usefulness of these metrics will differ for each […]

Five Tips to Retain IT Talent – Today!

Are you one of the many healthcare organizations floundering to find and keep talented EHR specialists? All Is not lost – there are some important actions you can take now for big benefits later.  Spending millions (or billions) of dollars on an integrated EHR system implementation? You may have tons of staff buzzing around during […]

The Power of Big Data: Preventing Insurance Denials

Since the advent of digital healthcare, huge amounts of data have been created and stored. The question is, how do we use it? Big Data, Big Value Big data in healthcare is a valuable asset with a wide range of possibilities. Healthcare churns out each second is astronomical. Before COVID-19 came on the scene, a […]