Remote RCM Work: Breaking Down Barriers

  In our previous blog, we detailed why remote RCM positions make sense, both financially and for practical reasons. Now learn how to remove the invisible barriers to make it happen for your company. Changing Work Climate Two major developments in the industry have permanently changed the way revenue cycle management (RCM) departments function. Technology […]

Why a Remote RCM Workforce Makes Sense

Remote workers are now an important part of the work landscape, and healthcare employers are now discovering the many benefits. A quick perusal of job sites such as Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Simply Hired shows thousands of openings in revenue cycle management, billing and coding, collections, and revenue cycle analysis for many types of healthcare […]

Prior Authorization Best Practices

  By: Donald Drummy, Director of Revenue Cycle As revenue cycle professionals, we often see the burden prior authorizations cause on our patients and providers.  I am passionate about making the process easier to get faster patient care access, but I see the scenarios below all too often. Picture it:  Your doctor tells you that […]

Why is Great EHR At-the-Elbow Support Critical?

Hospital systems that make the decision to invest in EHR systems are looking for significant gains.  Usually, that comes in the form of increased revenue, decreased denials, and improved cash collection.  But as any successful CFO will tell you, achieving those outcomes can not be done by just implementing an EHR system by itself.  It […]

The Importance of Patient Registration

By: Gina Stinson, Senior Director, Revenue Cycle Everyone who has ever been to a hospital or clinic has been through the patient registration process.  If you’re not part of revenue cycle management, you probably don’t realize just how important it is to get a patient’s upfront registration correct.  In many cases, it costs tens of […]

Reimbursements for Motor Vehicle Accidents

By: Will Love, Director of Denials and Underpayments Over the previous five decades, motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) have increased emergency department (ED) visits in metro- area hospitals. While most MVAs cause minimal injury, injured motorists are lawfully entitled to a hospital visit, by ambulance if needed, following a car crash. With EDs daily treating MVA […]

Quick Overview of Services Approval Process

For anyone new to revenue cycle management, understanding all the terms, acronyms, and standard operating procedures can be overwhelming.  So we continue to do what we can to create quick guides and simple reference materials that can help bring employees up to speed (like this one: Revenue Cycle Terms & Acronyms Quick Reference Guide). ‘Service […]

The Importance of Revenue Cycle Management

Introduction Healthcare providers are always looking for ways to improve their revenue cycle management. This is the process of tracking patient payments and insurance claims from the time of service to the time of payment. By improving this process, hospitals can reduce the amount of money they lose by not being able to track patients’ […]