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Simplify your data,

level-up your performance.

Get relevant, actionable revenue cycle information, at your fingertips.

Multiply Team Performance

Make sense of complex data and empower your team to do their best work. Conduct detailed audits and create easy-to-understand reports for frontline workers.

Overcome challenges for more revenue, faster.

Workplace Separation

Teams working remotely can pose challenges in maintaining best practices. Qodex brings the whole team clearly into view.

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Overcome challenges for more revenue, faster.

Process Issues

A lack of priorities and hard-to-measure results makes it difficult to evaluate and improve the work being done. Qodex gives you clear reports that show key focus areas.

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Overcome challenges for more revenue, faster.

Scattered Information

Having data in lots of different places reduces visibility and transparency. Qodex provides a source of truth that integrates easily with EHR.

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Comparative performance, time keeping and remote work tools.

Quality Audit

Performance visibility, consistency and insights.

Vendor Management

KPIs, inventory, billing insights, invoice and reconciliation.


Workqueue routing, account priority, data integration and resolution auditing.


Trusted by dozens of the
best hospitals in the country

Data talks, we translate.

AI-powered learning models guide interventions to ensure success

Qodex is a Value Multiplier

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aged AR
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POS collections

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management bandwidth
within 90 days

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Increase in
net collections
on denied claims

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