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[PRESS RELEASE] On the Rise: Healthrise Expands its Offerings

On the Rise: Healthrise Expands Reach with New Companies, forming Rise Family of Companies to Serve More Needs within Revenue Cycle Management



  • Rise Family of Companies arose from Healthrise, a global leader in revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions.

  • The company acquired technology and launched Qodex, an RCM worker productivity platform

  • Greenstone (outsourced Accounts Receivable managed services) and Agile (on-demand RCM staffing) are two new additions to the family of companies


(Southfield, MI – May 12, 2022)… Today, Ryan McKindles, President of Healthrise, announced the formation of Rise Family of Companies (Rise FoC), a portfolio of companies deeply committed to improving the people, processes, and technology critical to ensuring end-to-end revenue cycle success. 

The portfolio companies: Healthrise, Qodex, Greenstone, and Agile were thoughtfully created to solve unique yet vastly recurring problems in the industry. Together, Rise FoC provides a broad scope of best-in-class, sustainable solutions that drive operational and IT alignment ranging from system integration and staff productivity software powered by artificial intelligence to transitional outsourcing and on-demand staffing. 

For more than a decade, Healthrise has delivered expertise and solutions that transform hospital revenue cycles.  During that timeframe, the company has helped deliver more than $30 billion in cash receivables, while consistently outperforming industry benchmarks by 10-14% and delivering huge gains to its partners’ bottom lines.


While that core business continues to thrive, the company continues to find new ways to solve problems and create value for its client partners.


“We are at an inflection point in healthcare,” said McKindles. “Hospital systems that invest in digital transformation and fully embrace change will develop the people, processes, and technology systems needed to thrive. Identifying gaps in the industry and then bridging the gap is when we’re at our best. Rise FoC is committed to providing the best end-to-end solutions in revenue cycle, and we are mission-driven to make acquisitions and launch new companies.”


“Our evolution could not be timelier,” said David Farbman, CEO of Rise FoC and the portfolio companies. “Our vision is manifesting into reality, and our organization is expanding to help healthcare systems make sure large investments – those innovation decisions – actually generate ROI. The people, processes, and technology involved must all work together harmoniously for that to happen.”


Rise is a family of companies deeply committed to improving the people, processes, and technology critical to ensuring end-to-end revenue cycle success. From EHR integration and AI software to transitional outsourcing and streamlined staffing, Rise offers our partners a broad scope of best-in-class, sustainable solutions. Rise empowers hospital systems to optimize existing revenue cycle operations to drive measurable improvements, produce higher-performing teams, and generate more revenue for the bottom line.