Boost Provider Efficiency and Reduce EHR Frustration

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have become an integral part of healthcare in the modern world. However, many physicians are still struggling to keep up with the workflow and processes related to EHR usage. Develop Personalized Physician EHR Training Although some of these problems are resolved as interoperability increases, a successful EHR implementation or big update […]

The Money Pit: Third Party Nursing Agencies

We all know that nursing staff is valuable and necessary, but the expenses associated with hiring travel staff can create a downward financial spiral.  Travel nurses can be a lifeline for hospitals during times of large patient volumes  – say during a pandemic. The problem is  – those solutions were never intended to be permanent. […]

[BLOG] Prior Authorization Best Practices

By: Donald Drummy, Director of Revenue Cycle As revenue cycle professionals, we often see the burden prior authorizations cause on our patients and providers.  I am passionate about making the process easier to get faster patient care access, but I see the scenarios below all too often. Picture it:  Your doctor tells you that you […]